Eliana Otta – Afluentes y derivados und Fósil del futuro

Eliana Otta

geboren 1981
Lebt und arbeitet in Lima

80m2 Galería
Eliana Otta homepage

Afluentes y derivados (Affluents and derivatives)

The images show the river Corrientes, which lies in the Peruvian jungle; a region of environmental conflicts due to the constant leakage of oil. Crayon, a derivative of the material, covers the color but can be removed, even if some remainings can not completely disappear.

Afluentes y derivados (Affluents and derivatives)
3 paintings, 2013
Sgraffito on paper with crayon and polish, 70 x 100 cm

Fósil del futuro (Fossil of the future)

I pay attention to the gardeners who move around transporting their heavy tools in order to take care of the gardens belonging to the middle and high class. As the kings out there, they circumvent the infernal traffic of Lima, a city in the middle of the desert, suffocated by its emanations. Their bikes represent their job: a simple but important work, which adapts to its context overcoming hostility. I asked myself what would happen if they would be the lone survivors of some world-wide ecological crisis.

Fósil del futuro (Fossil of the future)
Sculpture, 2014
dimensions variable


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