Emine Ercihan – Food Waste

Food Waste – there is a global imbalance between production and distribution of food. While in many countries groceries are discarded due to overproduction and unconscious consumption, major food shortage reigns in other countries. Four times the amount needed to solve the world hunger problem is thrown away.

Wastage of food is an omnipresent, global problem. In Germany alone 82kg of expired or not properly stored food per year and inhabitant is simply disposed of. It is even more drastic in production chains and delivery of perishables, with precious aliments being destroyed without any reason.

The lack of corporate conscience, the absurd dynamics of the market and the questionable laws and food regulations force foods to go to the rubbish; non-standard fruits and vegetables are sorted out.

The project 'Food Waste' enables an alternative, emotional approach to a factual, serious thematic. 'Food Waste' does not repeat known images such as mountains of food wastage, but acts within the exhibition as a catalyst for provocation and lays a basis for discussion.

'Food Waste' stages wastefulness, which becomes an absurd element of space. According to Emine Ercihan, "only a personal experience of waste leads to a targeted awareness!".

Emine Ercihan was born 1989 in Izmir, Turkey. She lives and works in Dortmund, Germany. Her project 'Food Waste' was awarded the Canon Profifoto Förderpreis.

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