Lucia Monge – Plantón Móvil

Lucia Monge
geboren 1983 in Lima

"Mit diesem Projekt versuche ich auf eine neue Weise, Grünflächen in Lima zu erschaffen. Hier können die Einwohner wieder einen Bezug zur Natur bekommen und Gemeinschaften einen fruchtbaren Austausch pflegen.“

Plantón Móvil
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Plantón Móvil

Plantón Móvil is a walking forest that peacefully claims its place and respect in the city by linking art and social change. Since 2010 people from different disciplines and backgrounds have come together to help create and maintain sustainable public green areas. Today, this moving green is branching out towards the collaboration that will allow it to reach more people in a deeper and more lasting way.

In Spanish, «Plantón» is the word for sapling. It is also the word for sit-in. This project takes on both: the green to be planted and the peaceful protest.
People of all ages are invited to think of a creative and non- polluting way to transport a plant, and together we form a great green mass that moves alongside city buses and busy agendas.
However, there is a difference between carrying a plant and being a plant.
Plantón Móvil is not a group of people carrying plants: we are the forest. This is important because it changes the nature of the gesture. It is about lending your body to this other being so that it can borrow your mobility.

This project activates a connection with environmental issues that lands beyond the eco-trend, into our everyday practices. It is about taking responsibility on a daily basis and being respectful and aware of the green that cohabitates with us by putting ourselves in their shoes (in this case roots). At the end of each walk, the plants, always native or adapted to our desert conditions, are donated to help create a public green area. These are spaces where I hope, people can build and share a sense of community that includes our nonhuman kind.


Die 17. Station von ZNE! wird am Mittwoch den 18. April um 18:00 in Bonn eröffnet.

Ehemalige Volkshochschule
Kasernenstraße 50
53111 Bonn

Laufzeit: 19.4.-10.6.2018

#17Ziele, ein Projekt von Engagement Global
und Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik in Zusammenarbeit mit SDSN Germany

Gefördert durch:
Fonds Nachhaltigkeitskultur des Rats für Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Ein Beitrag zu den Deutschen Aktionstagen für Nachhaltigkeit 2018 und die Europäische Nachhaltigkeitswoche 2018.


Bilder von ZNE! 2017 im Parque Cultural de Valparaiso, Chile hier .


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17. Ausstellungsstation Bonn 2018

Mit herzlichen Dank auch an die Deutsche Telekom AG, Beethovenstiftung Bonn, Kunsthistorisches Institut der Universität Bonn und Kunstmuseum Bonn.