Shirley Paes Leme – City Air

The city as a spatial representation of a society in its multiple components: political, social, cultural, educational, environmental ... captures the look of the sensitive artist. In 1984 the artist sees a mass of pollution over Mexico City and Los Angeles. Notes that the filter of the air conditioner of the car is able to remove part of the mass. In the sequence appropriates and reveals what disturbed her.
In her career, the artist makes use of various procedures such as video, drawing, installations in the registry of debris, residues of the society that disturb her.

Shirley Paes Leme, born 1955 in Cachoeira, Brazil, lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

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due to the COVID-19 Virus our little ETF! office in Berlin remains closed and we are working from home.

As many fellow artists, creatives and freelancers this Corona crisis has hit us hard.
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