Art and the Environment: Acclaimed Exhibition and Dialogue Programme "examples to follow! – sustainable worlds" Comes to Chile 17.05.2017

IASS and Heinrich Böll Foundation organise extensive programme in country hit hard by climate change
How can art help us to find solutions to such pressing global challenges as climate change, resource scarcity, and the loss of biodiversity? An exhibition with an extensive side programme to promote dialogue explores transformations towards a more sustainable world in Valparaíso, Chile.
The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany and the Heinrich Böll Foundation Cono Sur (HBS) are launching an innovative series of events in Chile to foster dialogue at the intersection of the arts, politics, and sustainability. At the heart of this programme is the acclaimed international art exhibition examples to follow! – expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability. The programme includes discussion panels, workshops, guided tours, performances, and video screenings on a broad range of sustainability topics. The events will be staged at Valparaíso Cultural Park and other sites in the city between 9 June and 13 August, 2017. The exhibition will be supported by several initiatives in an effort to start a conversation with the local community and with artists, politicians, and researchers from different countries on the challenges entailed in moving towards more sustainable models of living in response to climate change.
Chile is among the ten countries hit hardest by climate change. Floods have caused fatalities and left thousands of people without access to safe water. Forest fires have wiped out homes, pasture, and livestock as droughts have affected 80 percent of the country. The impacts of tidal waves, storm surges, and a steady rise in average temperatures also highlight the magnitude of this ecological crisis. The resource scarcity crisis has also heightened the risk of serious territorial conflicts. Policymakers and actors across society must now work together to develop responses to these challenges that are both inclusive and sustainable. The organisers hope that the programme in Valparaíso will inspire and support change towards a sustainable future.
The exhibition examples to follow! was conceived by the curator and former Senator for Science, Research and Culture in Berlin, Adrienne Goehler, who has gathered together works from more than 60 artists from different parts of the planet. Understanding aesthetics as a channel for the construction of other possible worlds, examples to follow! invites its audience to reflect and act creatively for a sustainable society. The exhibition has been presented in 15 cities since 2010, including Berlin, Mumbai, Addis Ababa, Beijing, São Paulo, Puebla (Mexico), and Lima, and has grown through the addition of new works at each station. In 2017, the exhibition will be showcased in Chile, with the co-curation of Rodolfo Andaur and the participation of Chilean artists Teresa Aninat, Catalina Swinburn, Natascha de Cortillas, Vania Caro Melo, Claudia Müller, Guisela Munita, and Alejandra Prieto.
The Dialogue Programme is structured around four thematic axes:
1) “Territories and resources: development models in dispute” (8 – 11 June)
2) “Food sovereignty and the challenges of climate change” (June 29 – July 2)
3) “Water: private property or common property?” (3 – 5August)
4) “Future Cities and Citizens” (10 – 12 August)

Amongst the participants from different academic fields are Maristella Svampa (Argentina), Raquel Oliveira (Brazil), Alberto Acosta (Ecuador), Rainer Quitzow (IASS, Germany), Peter Rosset (Mexico/USA), Ulrich Brand (Austria), Irene Cardoso (Brazil), Carl. J Bauer (USA), Jessica Budds (United Kingdom), and, from Chile, Paola Bolados, Raúl González, Macarena Barahona, Iván Ivelic, and Hernán Cuevas. They will joined by politicians and activists, including Rodrigo Mundaca (Modatima, Chile), Flavia Liberona (Terram, Chile), Luis Intxauspe (Mayor, Basque Country – Spain) and representatives of the National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women.
The different activities in examples to follow! – sustainable worlds are open to the public and will be announced through the Heinrich Böll Cono Sur Foundation’s website


ZNE! in Chile

Am 9. Juni 2017 eröffnete Kuratorin Adrienne Goehler zum 16. Mal "zur nachahmung empfohlen! expeditionen in ästhetik und nachhaltigkeit", diesmal im Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Chile. Diese Ausstellungsstation wird ermöglicht durch die Heinrich Böll Stiftung Cono Sur, dem Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam und dem Goethe-Institute Chile.

Ko-kuratiert von Rodolfo Andaur kommen den 62 internationalen Künstler*innen die chilenischen Künstlerinnen Aninat-Swinburn, Natascha de Cortillas, Vania Caro Melo, Claudia Müller, Guisela Munita, und Alejandra Prieto hinzu.

Hier geht es zu den Fotos der Ausstellung, die vom 10.6. - 12.8.2017 geht.

Das IASS und das Regionalbüro Cono Sur der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (HBS) starten die innovative Veranstaltungsreihe "mundos sostenibles" in Chile, um den Dialog an der Schnittstelle zwischen Kunst, Politik und Nachhaltigkeit voranzubringen. Das Programm umfasst Podiumsdiskussionen, Workshops, Führungen, Darbietungen und Videovorführungen rund um das Thema Nachhaltigkeit. Die Veranstaltungen werden vom 9. Juni bis zum 13. August 2017 im Parque Cultural Valparaiso und anderen Orten in der Stadt stattfinden.

Das Dialogprogramm in Valparaíso gruppiert sich um vier thematische Achsen:

1) „Territorien und Ressourcen: umstrittene Entwicklungsmodelle“ (8. – 11. Juni)

2) „Nahrungsmittelsouveränität und die Herausforderungen des Klimawandels“ (29. Juni – 2. Juli)

3) „Wasser: Privateigentum oder Gemeingut?” (3. – 5. August)

4) „Städte und Bürger der Zukunft“ (10. – 12. August)

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Stimmen für einen Fonds Ästhetik und Nachhaltigkeit als Forderung an Bundesregierung und Bundestag u.a. von Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan, Prof. Dr. Patrizia Nanz, Olafur Eliasson, Dr. Wilhelm Krull, Dr. Michael Otto und Amelie Deuflhard.


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