Klimaretter Zur Nachahmung empfohlen?

03.09.2010 , Klimaretter, Sarah Messina

»Grenzen zwischen künstlerischer und technischer Kreativität, Idee und Machbarkeit wurden deshalb mitunter aufgebhoben, damit Kunst das sichtbar machen kann, was auch in unserer Umwelt oft im Verborgenen bleibt. «
— Klimaretter, Sarah Messina

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Dear partners, supporters, friends and lovers,

due to the COVID-19 Virus our little ETF! office in Berlin remains closed and we are working from home.

As many fellow artists, creatives and freelancers this Corona crisis has hit us hard.
We had hoped to send out a newsletter this spring informing you all about our 19th venue in Lisbon, which was supposed to open in Carpintarias São Lázaro on the 19th of June 2020.
Now, with all the cancellations and the shut down of cultural life we hope to postpone and for EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW! to still be part of the program of Lisboa Green Capital 2020.
We will keep you posted.

Keep safe.


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